BOOGIE BUTT RECORDS is pleased and proud to present this new project from IAN ASH. Here are two tracks highlighted with a remix and the instrumentals. For our latest project, on side A you’ll find 3 tracks, here Ian Ash’s cover of I Want to Thank You, originally sung by Ms Alicia Myers and here performed by Ella May. Surrounded by fantastic musicians such as Mathieu Karcher, Olivier Magarotto and Jérôme Billeter, I was able to give my all to offer my vision of this track! No samples, everything is played from A to Z! Welcome to Ian Ash’s “Boogievision. The remix of my cover of I Want to Thank You, originally sung by Ms Alicia Myers, by the offensive combo of Mr Doris and D-Funk. I’ve always loved the energy Mr Doris puts into his dj sets, his science of the dance floor and his always positive attitude. I’ve also always been a fan of D-Funk’s productions.

On the B-side, originally created by Fostin with Jessie Wagner, I was able to get permission to do my own Acid-Jazz version. Jessica needs no introduction, thanks to her enormous vocal prowess. She has toured the world with Lenny Kravitz, Chic, Kid Rock, Stevie Van Zandt and Duran Duran. To name but a few. Here’s Try Again passed through Ian Ash’s imagination for the “Boogievision” project on BBR!!!! Pre order starts NOW!!

From his beginnings as a dj in 91, to his sparks in production at the end of the 90s / beginning of 00s, everything is good. Will the funkboss began his career as the resident dj of the only french club dedicated to soul and hip-hop. He began to produce remixes and hip-hop instrumentals, then he left for new york for 3 years to perfect his prods and dj sets and returned to lyon, pumped up.

Upon his return, he put his discoveries to good use and founded le gang du lyonnais with his friend raf, a group specializing in productions for french rappers and singers. They collaborate with the cream of urban artists and in 2003, they obtain a gold record for the single of 113 (from the collective mafia k’1 fry) “au summum”.

Today, will the funkboss produces hip-hop, soul, disco, nu-disco and house, on quality labels (plaizir music, smokin beats and boogie butt records…). In short, he has always been in the groove. just pop it!


Here is our last mainstream 80es funk project pressed as limited edition on 7” (250 copies)

We are pleased to introduce our last discovery “Ella MAY” born and raised in Sweden.

We are currently working on our forthcoming projects featuring this gorgeous singer who has a grasp on funk, soul & jazz. Her warm and charming tonality spectrum. It makes all the tracks really hot!

The original version is produced and arranged by Ian ASH as an homage to Luther VANDROSS’s mega hit : “Never Too Much”.

B side brings a massive remix by renowned French producer MAGOO. He gives this track the sound in the style of the likes of a “D. TRAIN” production.

This version gets straight into Modern Funk as if it was pressed on Prelude Records.

Time To Throw Down , is a Party banger , between P.Funk & Boogie , created by the one & only Paul Thomas , founder of “The Circle City Band” Bandleader Paul Thomas had produced 3, 12″ single’s releasedunder the title “Circle City Band” in 1983-84, one of thoserecords titled “Magic” became extremely popular in the mid1980’s , but this record was supposed to be the 4 th 12 inch single on Becket Records .At the same time in 1983 , when Reggie Griffin and Paul Thomas was mixing this instrumental track in L.A , the reverend “Rickie Clark” originally from “Circle City” in Indianapolis , came to see them hearing what there was doing , and fall in love with this track , asking if he could used it for himself .The “Circle City Band” (CCB) is made up of eight remarkablytalented souls. The band is lead and managed by founder,producer/musician/singer/songwriter Paul Thomas otherwiseknown as “P” aka the “FUNKY SKUNK” and also features longtime friends and mentors, including the legendary awardwinning, multi-musician/songwriter/producer Reggie “Mr.Everything” Griffin of TECH-NO-FUNK fame and others… Please check out Boogie Butt ‘s BandCamp from the link above to get you a good copy

Come On and Enjoy the best Boogie, Funk & Soul in Town :

BOOGIE BUTT Records is a French label based in Paris from 2014. Deeply promoting and producing dance floor music, influenced by 70es/80es Boogie, Funk, Soulful Disco, Miami sound, old school Rap and more. Vinyl addict, most of our production are only available on 7” , 10” and 12”. Boogie Butt Crew also provides Producers, Arrangers, Musicians and DJs such as Lord Funk, the Founder, Ian ASH, The Real Fake MC, Patchworks, Dee Nasty, Opolopo, Blow Fly, Parisian Soul, Ella MAY, and more inspired artists from around the globe




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